Currency Conversions for Christmas Lottery Prizes

The Christmas Lottery is available exclusively online, which is great news for festive fans, because it means that it can be offered in multiple different countries. As a result, it also spans various currencies.

Take a look at the table below to find out how much each prize is worth in your currency, based off the Euro amounts in which the Christmas Lottery is organised.

Different Currency Payouts for the Christmas Lottery
  Prize in Euro (€) Prize in GBP (£) Prize in Rupee (₹) Prize in USD ($)
Match 6 + Joker Ball €15,000,000 £13,500,000 ₹1,250,000,000 $18,000,000
Match 5 + Joker Ball €5,000 £4,500 ₹400,000 $6,000
Match 4 + Joker Ball €250 £225 ₹20,000 $300
Match 3 main numbers €5 £4.50 ₹400 $6
Price per Entry €1.50 £1.50 ₹120 $1.50

Did you know? Matching the lowest tier prize (3 main numbers) means that you will receive at least three times your original stake back!

Visit the prizes page for more information about how the winnings are paid out, including the odds of landing a prize at each tier.